Sourcing Services

Dexiotis offers a small selection of sourcing services to its clients to enable your company to concentrate on what it's good at and deliver its true potential by outsourcing to complement its capabilities. Outsourcing a process, function, goods or services provides speed, cost benefit, profit maximisation and improved quality. Sourcing is specialisation, not just contracting out. It is a process based on strategic decisions to seek opportunities to transfer resources and ideas and gain a tailored service for your organisation. The utilisation of superior sources of knowledge along with diversified and specialist skills allows for greater efficiency and reaching your full potential.

Specifically, Dexiotis can engage it's research capabilities to investigate scientific aspects to issues not able to be met by the current off-the-shelf or even tailor-made techniques, tools and solutions. We could also undertake all the technical writing needs of your organisations. Furthermore, we can organise and manage an event your may be planning, and undertake your procurement and tender management functions. If you are an Association or an Institute, we can assist in strategic, promotional and membership administrative functions.

Scientific Security Investigations

The high level expertise available at Dexiotis as well as our collaborations with universities enable us to offer scientific investigations in many security topics relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas to help solve problems and enable effective and efficient ways of tackling issues affecting organisations.

Scientific investigations performed by Dexiotis follow an empirical methodology and rely on direct observations and evaluations of the environment affected by the issue(s) under investigation. The scientific methods followed are objective (rely on facts and on the world as it is rather than perceptions) and systematic (rely on carefully planned studies rather than on random or haphazard observations). Experiments performed are replicable and can be duplicated by others that have appropriate training in order to get the same results. Results obtained are based on existing knowledge and are thus considered provisional and open to questioning and debate to enable for potential theoretical modifications from advances in STEM research.

Dexiotis, apart from offering scientific investigations to public and private organisations, is also open to collaborations for applications for funding from institutions such as the EU.

Generally speaking, the steps Dexiotis follows when undertaking scientific investigations are:

• Understanding of issue(s) of concern, potentially supported by observations.
• Formulation of a question(s) that can be answered in a measurable way.
• Formulation of a hypothesis that answers the question(s) based on experience or research.
• Setting up of an experiment(s) from which data can be gathered to test the hypothesis.
• Analysis of data and drawing of a conclusion(s).

Technical Writing

Technical communication makes information accessible and usable. By doing so, it advances the goals of companies that need to communicate with people who may not really understand the technology behind a product or service. Technical communication focuses on technical or specialised topics, the use of technology, and the provision of user and other instructions on technical tasks to the public.

Our Technical Writers at Dexiotis have long experience of producing technical reports. Examples are user manuals, product support materials, formal and informal reports, scientific articles, white papers, proposals, feasibility studies, consultancy reports, project and dissertation reports and many others. Dexiotis experts have also taught university students how to write technical, project (BSc / BEng / MSc / MEng) and dissertation (PhD) reports. Furthermore, we frequently peer-review scientific articles submitted for publication to various scientific journals as well as research proposals submitted for funding.

At Dexiotis, we can produce clear, simple and effective documentation to explain to your staff, associates or customers how your products, services or processes work thus avoiding any possibilities of confusion, damage to products or even danger to themselves. We can also investigate issues, concepts and situations and produce proposals, feasibility, evaluation and technical background reports as well as white papers.

• Technical Writing and Proofreading.
• Manuals (User, Product, Operating, Procedural, etc.
• Formal and Informal Reports.
• Technical Copywriting.
• Proposal and Feasibility Reports.
• Technical Background Reports.
• White Papers.

Digital Presence (Website Design)

The digital presence of a company is its window to the global digital marketplace. It's where a company can provide information to anyone and anywhere about itself so that potential customers can understand what, why and where it does what it does and its products and/or services. This is where a company can build its reputation, provide enough information to solidify a sale and create loyal customers. A company without at least a website can only operate locally.

Dexiotis can design a beautiful, functional and user-friendly website for your start up or small business. We offer website design and development as well as web hosting and ongoing maintenance of your website.

Website design, development and maintenance packages available:

Start Up / Small Business Website Design

Website Designing & Development:

• WordPress CMS Platform
• Maximum 10 pages
• Mobile & Tablet Responsive
• Includes: Slider, News Ticker, Photo Gallery, Video Player
• Contact Form Page
• Threat defence / security / firewall
• Traffic Statistics (Real Time)

Ongoing Maintenance:

• Domain Name
• Web Hosting
• 5 email addresses
• Frequent backups
• Basic maintenance

Price (£):

• WordPress Template Cost (varies, usually £50 to £100)
• Website building: £450 + vat
• Ongoing Maintenance: £20 + vat (per month)

Price (€):

• WordPress Template Cost (varies, usually €60 to €120)
• Website building: €500 + vat
• Ongoing Maintenance: €25 + vat (per month)

Events Organisation & Management

Dexiotis can organise your business and promotional events, such a conferences and exhibitions or a combination of the two. With high levels of creativity, planning, organisation and attention to detail your event is guaranteed to be a great success.

Conference & Exhibition Organisation

undertaking market research.
locating of suitable venues.
writing promotional material and press releases.
advertising, marketing and promoting the event.
producing tickets and advertisement material.
selling exhibition space and trade stands.
administration financial and managerial affairs.
sponsorship coordination.
video conferencing and streaming possibilities.
liaising with caterers, suppliers and contractors.
ensuring health and safety compliance.

Outsourced Event Representation

we can represent your company, promote your activities, demonstrate your products and collect contacts
representation in your own dedicated booth
representation as part of a Dexiotis' booth
events such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc

Memberships Management

Dexiotis will work with your organisation, institute or association towards developing a short, medium and long term membership strategy covering sales, marketing and retention and/or evaluate and implement changes to a membership structure to enable the most effective and efficient approach to membership based on your organisation's needs. Our involvement can be multifaceted and may involve strategic positioning, membership aspects as well as communication with the members.

Strategic Development

Develop membership strategies based on requirements.
Ensure that benefits delivery is carried out across all departments to improve membership satisfaction.

Promotional Activities

Develop a membership marketing strategy and implement and deliver campaigns across all channels.
 Investigate opportunities to promote membership via partnerships or third party affiliates.
Develop, manage and deliver campaigns to recruit new members and retain existing ones.
Develop a regular programme of activities for members and plan and deliver members’ events.

Database Management

Ensure the membership offering is clearly presented through digital channels.
Ensure all databases, renewal systems and communications are available and updated as necessary.
Synthesise membership data into comprehensive reports.

Newsletters & Magazines

Production of regular members’ communications, newsletters and magazines.
Quality control all membership communications, advertising and literature ensuring compliance with guidelines.

Procurement Services

Dexiotis' procurement services cover the whole process of finding, acquiring and buying of products and/or services from external sources at the best possible price with clear benefits identified with respect to quality, quantity, time, and location. Based on customer requirements, Dexiotis can undertake the whole or part of a series of procurement activities ensuring the most quality and cost effective acquisition of products and/or services.

We can also be involved in Tender Management aspects. Tender management is an art and the writing of a winning tender requires a highly skilled approach. If your company does not have the expertise, resources or time to deal with this highly demanding task then you should be talking to Dexiotis. Bidding for a potential project or service requires a proposal describing how the requirements of the problem will be solved, whether through the provision of a service or the supply of goods and must be supplemented by a competitive price for the work put forward.

Activities involved in the procurement process:

 Purchase planning
 Determination of standards
 Specifications development
 Supplier research and selection
 Value analysis, financing, price negotiation and purchasing
 Supply contract administration
 Inventory control and stores
 Other related functions as necessary