Dexiotis Security Solutions

Dexiotis Ltd is a security specialist company focusing on the provision of effective and efficient solutions and services to both public and private sectors. It is headquartered in London, UK, and has offices in Hungary, Cyprus and Kenya.

With the extensive experience that Dexiotis has on matters of security, it can audit, measure, control and quality assess your security operations to ensure they are functioning in the best possible way and also provide tailor-made solutions to any potential security issues that may be hindering your organisation as well as deliver specialist security training.

Dexiotis, through its specialist personnel, ex-military and ex-police canine master trainers, can offer their expertise whether your intention is to develop a brand new canine infrastructure, upgrade or maintain an existing one, build or update a canine team, or train, update and expand the skills of your existing canine units and teams.

Our multidisciplinary experts have experience as company directors, consultants, academics, coaches, scientists, engineers, security specialists and police and military personnel. We apply an interdisciplinary and cross-functional approach to provide our clients with the solutions and services they require as well as increase the level of creativity and innovation necessary to realise the highest possible level of satisfaction for the customer organisation.


Security Consultancy
• Evaluation of Organisational Security
• Security Efficiency Measurement & Control
• Security Service Quality Control
• Ad Hoc Security Solutions

Security Training Academy
• Training for Security Personnel
• Training for Non-Security Personnel
• Training for Canine Units and Teams

Working Dogs
• Consultancy on Canine Matters
• Canine Unit Services

Supporting Services
• Scientific Security Investigations
• Technical Writing
• Digital Presence
• Events Organisation and Management
• Memberships Management
• Procurement Services

Areas of Expertise

Security Consultancy

• Risk analysis and evaluation of internal and external corporate security.
• Compliance management internal investigation, evaluation and analysis.
• Evaluation and auditing of security capabilities in place in public and private areas.
• Testing and simulating threats towards determining effectiveness of security systems in place.
• Design, development and/or improvement of internal security processes and regulation.
• Development of ad hoc security solutions with best fit for purpose application.
• Immediate response on detected risks and threats (ie on value stream damage, etc).
• Risk and threat simulation and recovery management (including business continuity plan).
• Immediate, 24/7 response towards the solution of an unexpected security threat or problem.
• Security audit representation of our clients undergoing external security audit (ie on AEO audit,etc).
• Security system design and development for IED prevention, detection and protection.

Specialist Security Training

• Security training for security personnel
• Incident investigation process training for first respondents
• Security training for non-security personnel
• Extensive use of simulation with realistic scenarios in training
• Security awareness training for non-security employees

Working Dogs

• Initialisation and reviewing of K9 programs for government agencies and private security institutions and organisations.
• Designing and refurbishing of kennel facilities, training grounds and personnel accommodation.
• Problem solving and improved utilisation of K9s for military, police and private security services and applications.
• Procurement of training and operational K9 equipment.
• Supply of green and/or trained (single- and double-purpose) K9s.

Canine Security Training

• Versatile K9 training techniques to fit special requirements and needs.
• K9 training on explosives, narcotics, patrol, human remains detection (HRD), search & rescue (SAR), tracking / mantrailing.
• K9 training on bed bugs, conservation, sim cards, mobile phones, special requirements considered.
• Dual purpose and Special Ops K9 training, Standard and Emergency Operations (SOP/EOP), Rules of Engagement (ROE).

Sourcing Services

• Scientific investigation on aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
• Investigating, evaluating and comparing technical standards and protocols.
• Investigating and evaluating the effectiveness of operational norms in security teams, functions and agencies.
• Scientific research on aspects of security also including the use and training of K9s.
• Organisation, planning, management, administration and running of conferences and exhibitions.
• Promoting, advertising and marketing public events such as conferences and exhibitions.
• Client representation and promotion at events such as conferences and exhibitions.
• Preparation of client promotional material, including PowerPoint presentations.
• Reporting news stories and product evaluations under our international reporter's status.
• Strategic development, setting up, organising, administering and managing membership structures.
• Preparing online and printed publications such as newsletters and magazines for associations and institutes.
• Finding, acquiring and buying of products and/or services from external sources.
• Evaluation and analysis of organisational capabilities towards submitting tenders.
• Compilation of tenders ensuring high quality thus increasing success potential.
• Website design for start up / small businesses.
• Web hosting and ongoing maintenance for start up / small business websites.

The Dexiotis Team

Nicholas Ioannides
Managing Director
Zsolt Perjesi
Director, Physical Security