Dexiotis Security Training Academy

Specialist training is provided by Dexiotis' experts on various topics focusing on security. The training is focused on the particular type of personnel and its purpose and can thus be tailor-made to be fit-for-purpose and specific for security or non-security personnel. Training may also be developed to suit the specific needs of a client.

Choosing where to receive training for your canine team / unit is one of the most important decisions you can take. Master canine team / unit instructors who are also IWDA Certified Instructors working for Dexiotis are perfectly placed to offer the training of the highest quality you require. Training is offered on basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Dexiotis currently offers training for canine teams, canine units, canines or canine handlers.

Training for Security Personnel

Security specialist training topics focus on the following:

• Explosives: what they are, categories and characteristics
• Methods of detection and awareness
• Explosives detection devices
• Explosives detection technology
• Practical training
• Search techniques and tactics
• Simulation exercises
• Health and safety rules

Training for Non-Security Personnel

Security specialist training topics focus on the following:

• Security Awareness for Non-Security Personnel
• Identifying suspicious behaviour
• Reacting to a threat
• Crowd Management and panic control
• Simulation exercises
• Treating those hurt
• Waiting for the emergency services
• Health and safety rules
• Staying safe