Dexiotis Solutions & Services

Dexiotis Ltd is a specialist company focusing on the provision of effective and efficient organisational development and security solutions and services to both public and private sectors. It is headquartered in London, UK, and has offices in Hungary, Cyprus and Kenya.

Our multidisciplinary experts have experience as company directors, consultants, academics, coaches, scientists, engineers, security specialists and police and military personnel. We apply an interdisciplinary and cross-functional approach to provide our clients with the solutions and services they require as well as increase the level of creativity and innovation necessary to realise the highest possible level of satisfaction for the customer organisation.


Dexiotis is sectioned into four divisions each with a clear direction and purpose and with the mission of providing the client with the most effective and efficient solutions and services required.

Solutions & Services

The expertise available at Dexiotis spans four areas of expertise. Solutions and services specific to the available areas of expertise are identified here for each division and further details and direction is outlined to introduce the plethora of skills that can be put to good use to provide solutions and services to more than satisfy any organisational development and security requirements, concerns and problems clients may have.

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Dexiotis collaborates with a very carefully selected group of companies whose expertise, professionalism, commitment and dedication to aspects of organisational development and security has been proven. The list of companies Dexiotis collaborates with is frequently updated and some of these are shown below with links to their websites.